Excerpts (original Poimintoja)



Excerpts is a contemporary dance and sound -art performance where an instrument is created out of the bodies of two dancers and the space they are moving in. This perofrmance was created by a group of artists working interdisciplinary researching new technology, music and dance. Harvesting cutting edge sensor technology and developing it further they created a Sounding Motion method and practice.

Space and technical requirements: 

Excerpts is built on a round arena stage format, with audience is placed in full 360°circle. The piece is adabtable to other spatial forms such as traditional frontal audience view. The concept of the piece is taking full use of the movement of the dancers and apturing sounds from the space itself. The acoustics and floor material of the performace space is crusial to this piece. The floor needs to resonate on its  surface and construction. Many different materials are suitable for the performance as it adapts on it’s own to current surroundings, only concrete, stone, tile or other non-resonating surfaces are Unacceptable. When performing an excerpt of the piece with only sensor technology a non-resonating space is also possible.

Sounding motion – method focuses on highlighting the body awareness essential in dance, and gives dancer a full power to define how it moves, sounds and communicates.  

In Excerpts the entire soundscape and music is created out of the movement of the dancers and gives the viewer an audible stream to read and emerge kineticly into the beauty of the art of dance. In addition to visual spectating the work offers the audience an auditive channel to also hear the movement, experience kinetic empathy and, through this interpret contemporary dance.


Choreography, dance: Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Dance, choreographic assistant: Karolina Ginman

Music, sound design: Abdissa ”Mamba” Assefa

Music, sound design, wearable electronics and coding: Aki Päivärinne

Costume design, wearable electronics: Liisa Pesonen

Light design: Petri Tuhkanen

Premiere 4.9. 2015 Vuotalo, Helsinki, Finland

Duration 40 min.

Audience age recommendation +10