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About research
About research

About research

In the core of the Sounding Motion project there is the work of developing and researching the SoMo method.

We create a thriving environment and we invite interested artists from across disciplines to join our investigation and ask them to contribute their experience to the common interdisciplinary knowledge of art and technology. Although we attempt to involve artists from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds, we will concentrate on dance, sound design, electro-acoustic music and interactive technology.

Sounding Motion relies on practice-based art-pedagogical research methods.

It aims to develop the SoMo method by a series of collaborative improvisation practices, altering with more detailed development sessions. This ensures a development of its technological means and its musical elements and structure in equal parts.

The outcome of the research project will be (a) specific knowledge on how to develop dancing skills through a music-making approach and (b) to refine and establish the SoMo method to be later used in academic research.

We intent to make the developed tools and practices, as well as its findings freely available to the general public.

One of the core research questions is:

How does the simultaneous composition of music and movement develop multimodal awareness?

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